Saturday, November 29, 2008


Image is about creating a look that positively influences others' perceptions, is suitable for the situation and reflectsyour personality. If you're wearing a designer suit, you may look fabulous but feel completely false. Or, you might be totally comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, but be underdress for a meeting where the expectation is business casual attire.
So how does one begin to develop such a style? At Liria Image And Fashion Strategies, clients begin by completing an image assessment form which help to determine your preference.
The form helps individuals evaluate their wardrobe needs based on their lifestyle, personality, personal coloring and build. "Are you sporty or traditional, or are you more dramatic in your lifestyle?"


Like it or not, people form their opinion about our talents, our intelligence and countless other aspects of our personality based on the IMAGE we projet.

Holiday Shopping

"Always plan ahead. If possible make a list of those whom you'ld like to gift to.Don't settle for the first one you see shopp around, look for the real bargains. This time of year with the economy every one wants to sell so Do Not be afraid to make an offer."

Casual day...

Simple and elegant classic modern dress. So easy to make an outfit with only 2 constractive colors like black and white. Make this a nice outfit for a casual day with your friends. Or just to stroll at the mall.
" This should be part of every woman's wardrobe."

From simple to SENSATIONAL...or DISASTER...

"Sometimes less is more." or "None or too little is not good." Ever heard of this expressions. Most of us out there are what i call fashion victims. I know you seen those ladies that look like they have a heavy cream on their faces, thinking they look good. When in reality is not true.Their face has one orangy color and their neck another color.

Then we have those who don't use makeup at all. "hey don't get me wrong I like all natural"
but there's something call natural makeup, even echo friendly. pleasy enhance your beauty with just a little glims of magic.

What is IMAGE and why it is important?

Image is everything. Doesn't matter what you or any one say. Now days if you don't present the best of you not just in talent but in the superficial look you may be placing yourself in a spot, where you may lose or not get the job, better promotion or that special someone. That first impression of you is always the most important one. That's the one which will help you be and feel more secure and successful in your live.