Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What to Wear If You're Boy-Shaped

In many ways you've got it made. Your body is one long, slim line, without much difference between the width of your chest and width of your hips. Since this is the current ideal shape for models, designer clothes are literally made for your type of figure. Most styles of pants and skirts will fit you just fine. Your biggest potential pitfall is the lack of a defined middle. Without a curvy chest or curvy hips to highlight your waist, you run the risk of looking boyish rather than feminine. To flatter your figure, look for pieces that create a more womanly shape.

Can't Miss Pieces
Wrap tops: These shirts can create the impression of a more curvaceous upper body. The
V-neck on top gives the illusion of curves, and the tied-together waist draws attention to your midsection.
Straight-leg pants: Not all women can get away with these, so take advantage! The straight line of the pants will highlight your lean legs.

Slim, feminine suits:
Pair a fitted jacket with a body-skimming skirt or pair of pants and you'll look razor-sharp. Just make sure the jacket has a defined waist or belt to give you some shape.Two-piece bathing suits: Whether it's a string bikini or a sporty tankini is up to you. Your long, straight torso will look even straighter in a one-piece bathing suit; a two-piece will give you more feminine lines.

Unflattering "Don'ts"Skip It:
Boxy coats: Stay away from unstructured trench coats or double-breasted jackets. Their square lines will overpower your slender shape completely. Instead, choose a coat with a belt and/or a clearly defined waist.
Straight shift dresses: A dress that hangs down straight from shoulders to knees can make you look like one big rectangle. Look for dresses that are tapered at the waist.
Stretch jeans: If you don't have much butt to begin with, the spandex will flatten what little you have. Stick with regular cotton jeans.

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