Friday, January 2, 2009

Did you Know?

Marelyn Monroe was a size 12 in dresses and a size 9 in pants... it's incrediable how such sex and movie idol could look so great on t.v and pictures being this number size, rigth! now days that would be consider overweight specialy for al those FACIONISTAS. I streamly feel sorry for all the models that goes throught starvation to mantain their body figure acordintly to the fashion world. To any model a size 4 is consider fat, just imaging to be a size 12.
I can't see what do fashion designers find in a skinny bone woman which really can't fully fill any garment or article the create. Specialy when most of all the woman in america are curvy women. The average size is 8-10. So ladies do not be afraid to show your curves to the world be proud of what you got. If Marelyn look great so can you and every women outhere.

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