Thursday, October 15, 2009

The reality of retail pricing

After a survey of questions to a 100 of retail employees I have confirmed that today in our economic era many stores ( corporations) have raised their products pricing more than a 30% of the price from last year since recession started. I walked into a store won't say where; went there I tried a pair of jeans which were on "sale" for $79.99 with a 30%off additional. I question myself as I remember well this is one of my fav store where I usually shop and I can say that the same paints last year were $59.99. Can you guys see what I mean. the truth is as I was told that corporate raised the price to make more gains without a real discount. You see they raise to $10 $20 $30 dollars higher and then offer you a so call 25% to a 30% off but in reality you still are paying for the full price just with a blind fold in your eyes.

Tips: " Guys if you're going to buy some items remember to wait 2 to 3 weeks after the new and released season items are out, therefor it will be already reduce and cheaper. Also ask the store where you shop when are the markdowns days for that store, this way you know when to come and shop for some great deals."

Now I now for fact that Ann Taylor Factory have markdowns on every Wednesday and here you can find some great deals...

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